Film Festival Picks

Got my usual 10 ticket package, plus one to the opening night.  Time’s a little tighter this year with my Russian exam during second week not to mention the World Cup ensuring some early mornings so I don’t know if I’ll get to any others.

Usually I see about 80% docos, it’s a little different this year as I a) chose to see a couple of the buzzier films, which I basically never do. I think I saw one film in competition last year (and only because it was about a bluegrass band) and b) I wanted to see some French and Russian language flicks as I’m learning those right now. French is well and truly covered but slim pickings on the Russian front and I didn’t add anything, pity they didn’t get Leviathan from Cannes.  Not much musical either, basically squeezed out by other considerations and I figure I’ll be able to catch up on the ones I want via other means (Netflix, iTunes rental.)

So, allons y.

20,000 Days on Earth (Opening Night) – Nick Cave drives around and talks about stuff.  Why not.

E-Team – doco on Human Rights Watch monitors in Syria.

The Rover– this is the one I decided to expend one of my flexipass tickets on for the sake of seeing what everyone else is seeing. I liked Animal Kingdom well enough but Twitter went berserk when it was announced so I thought I should see what the fuss is about.

Sepideh: Reaching for the Stars – doco about an Iranian girl who wants to be an astronomer or astronaut. I AM CRYING ALREADY.

Miners Shot Down – I have a professional interest in these issues so will be watching with more than the usual interest.  Steeling myself for a tough go.

Devil’s Playground – first couple of episodes of a sequel Foxtel has made to the 1976 Schepisi film.  Interesting concept.  Don Hany and John Noble yay.

Eastern Boys – feature in French but the trailer has some Russian (the ‘Eastern boys”) so two-for-one.

Gabrielle – another French one, this time Quebec from makes of Monsieur Lazhar.

School of Babel – doco about a class in Paris for immigrant kids learning the language and whatnot. Yeah kids, those French numbers are bizarre, I sympathise!

Iranian – doco by Iranian exile living in Paris who goes back to argue relgion and politics with some mullahs. Cool.

Goal of the Dead – FRENCH ZOMBIE MOVIE.





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