Favourite Music – First Half 2014

In alphabetical order of artist …..

Acey Monaro – EP

No videos ;-(

Reel of Joy – Andy Baylor

Babineaux Sisters – Quoi Ca Dit

Reissue: Bobby Charles – Bobby Charles

Light the Stars – Bonsoir, Catin

Reissue – Dylan’s Gospel – Brothers & Sisters

Tightrope – Chatham Country Line

Common Ground: The Songs of Big Bill Broonzy – Dave and Phil Alvin

Baby, You Just Want to Give Up – Green Mohair Suits

Small Town Heroes – Hurray for the Riff Raff

Refuse to Lose – Jarekus Singleton

Invisible Hour – Joe Henry

L’interview (Hommage à Brel, Brassens et Ferré) – L’âme des poètes

Reissue – Lavender Country – Lavender Country

This is a pretty wild collection of 70s gay liberation country songs.  Yup. Read about it here.

Reissue – Musi-O-Tunya – Give Love To Your Children

Reissue – Muyei Power – Sierra Leone in the 1970s

The Painted Ladies – The Painted Ladies Play Selections from The Loner

The River and the Thread – Rosanne Cash

Nothin’ But Blood – Scott H Biram

Metamodern Sounds in Country and Western – Sturgill Simpson

Reissue – The Sound Of Siam, Vol. 2 (Molam & Luk Thung Isan From North-East Thailand – Various

Can’t find any Vol 2 vids but this is Vol 1 .,…

FOLK SINGER VOL. 1 – Wille Watson

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