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Film Festival Picks

Got my usual 10 ticket package, plus one to the opening night.  Time’s a little tighter this year with my Russian exam during second week not to mention the World Cup ensuring some early mornings so I don’t know if I’ll get to any others. Usually I see about 80% docos, it’s a little different this year as I a) chose to see a couple of the buzzier films, which I basically never do.... read more

Sydney Film Festival: Narco Cultura

A Mexican kid stands at the border, looking across to the US. “They don’t kill people over there,” he says. In Ciudad Juárez, homicides are commonplace and the crime-scene unit deals with thousands of cases. Across the Río Grande in El Paso, murders can be counted on one hand, but perversely the image of Juarez and its all-powerful drug cartels is inspiring an American counterculture. In... read more

Sydney Film Festival: This Ain’t No Mouse Music!

Documentary about Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records.  The only thing I don’t like about Arhoolie is that Australians can’t download the albums from eMusic anymore. SADFACE.  “It’s impossible to look at the history of blues, Cajun and Zydeco music without looking at Chris Strachwitz’s role. He’s a monumental figure.” – Bonnie Raitt And look at his role this doco does,... read more

Sydney Film Festival

The Sydney Film Festival starts up again next week and again I got a 10 ticket flexipass.   Here’s what I chose, mostly docos as usual. I’ll probably pick up some of the last minute $10 tix they offer to other things. Muscle Shoals – doco about the legendary Alabama studio. This Ain’t No Mouse Music – doco about Chris Stachwitz of Arhoolie Records Narco Cultura – doco about the Mexican genre of... read more