I started this blog, focusing on country/folk and the other kinds of music I like but occasionally drifting into other topics, in 2004 when blogging was so hot you guys. Now it’s not so hot, everyone is on the twitter and FB and the like.  I plug away here still.

It started off on Blogger then went to my own domain until Movable Type broke and it almost melted my brain and many tears were cried (literally) trying to fix it so I stopped trying to fix it and started over. The Blogger years 2004-2007 or something are still there, although when I changed templates I somehow nuked all the comments so if you commented on my site in like 2006 sorry, I guess?  I have the Movable Type files backed up and may try to salvage them at some point.  Or, I may not.

In the meantime, a new beginning!


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