Revisiting: Dave Alvin – “Romeo’s Escape”

If you know this album (bravo to you) it’s probably as Dave Alvin’s first solo recording after leaving the Blasters (and X) and before he made all those albums people really love. And indeed, it’s a transitional artefact of Alvinology. Everything about it, by context and content, invites us to look to the before and to the after but which also deserves it’s place among the cream of that era’s roots rock... read more

Wrapping up 2015 …

Some brief notes of a few records that haven’t been previously noted …. And then on to 2016!  The first big release of which looks to be Lucinda’s Ghosts of Highway 20 – the two songs off it she did at her recent Sydney gig “Dust” and the title track are available now and sound great. 50 Million Beers – Welcome Stranger  (website) The Beers are stalwarts of the... read more