New Music: 8tracks Mix: Walk Tall

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″] Tracks from these new albums: The World Needs Changing: Street Funk & Jazz Grooves 1967-1976 – Various Artists (Ace Records, 2013)   How acquired: eMusic. Aztec Jazz – Tom Russell and the Norwegian Wind Ensemble (Proper Music, 2013)  How acquired:  Bought an... read more

New Records: Shannon McNally & Patty Griffin & Marshall Chapman

Three fantastic records! Shannon McNally’s new album Small Town Talk is a collection of songs mostly duplicating Bobby Charles’s 1972 eponymous swamp soul classic but with a few others including my favourite “I Don’t Want to Know” which was also covered by Lil Band O’ Gold on The Promised Land.  But she’s not alone, Dr John and the Lower 911 back her throughout... read more

Sydney Film Festival: Narco Cultura

A Mexican kid stands at the border, looking across to the US. “They don’t kill people over there,” he says. In Ciudad Juárez, homicides are commonplace and the crime-scene unit deals with thousands of cases. Across the Río Grande in El Paso, murders can be counted on one hand, but perversely the image of Juarez and its all-powerful drug cartels is inspiring an American counterculture. In... read more